The Baldwin Borough Public Library is your destination for discovery, enrichment and life-long learning.

Core Values


We believe the library to be an open and limitless resource to every member of our community. We support the open exchange of information and of ideas that represent multiple points of view.

We support user-centered services to enrich and enhance the quality of the life of community members.

We value literacy, education, and information for all. We believe the library is an essential source of knowledge and discovery for the community that stimulates their imagination and piques their curiosity.

We believe in providing a safe, comfortable, and inviting gathering place that connects the community.

The Baldwin Borough Public Library
Strategic Plan 2015-2019

The way people use libraries, access information, connect with each other and utilize technology continues to change rapidly. Libraries must be flexible, adaptive and consciously evolve their approaches to services, resources, programming and collections to remain relevant and successfully meet the changing needs of the communities they serve.

This 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is the result of a lengthy and intensive process encompassing research, community meetings, surveys, patron conversations, staff discussions, vision boards and data analysis. It is rooted in the feedback we gathered from our community and from the Library in the 21st Century initiative.  It also addresses ways the Library can fill service gaps within the community, increase our presence in local groups, partner with local businesses and incorporates plans for a future library building.

Ultimately, this Strategic Plan is a guide for the Baldwin Library during technological, informational and societal shifts: a plan that provides vision, direction and tools that give us flexibility but ensures we stay true to our core values, our mission and our community.

This Strategic Plan is a living document outlining four initiatives of strategic focus. Each initiative is defined by several goals with specific measurements that will be used to determine if each goal was achieved.

Initiative 1 – Sustainability
The Library must not only participate in long term financial planning to keep the library stable and funded, but we must also maximize, support and engage our most valuable resources: our community and our staff.

Initiative 2 – Patron Services
The Library will provide programs and services that are responsive to the changing informational needs of Baldwin’s diverse population, striking a balance between services at the Library and services that may be used at a distance.

Initiative 3 – Community Engagement
The Library will raise its visibility within the community and increase residents’ awareness of its programs and services.

Initiative 4 – Facility & Space
The Library will create thriving spaces where the community can connect, access library resources, and shares their stories. The spaces will be a comfortable, accessible and welcoming environment conducive to the different ways the patrons use the library.

We believe this Plan will provide the Baldwin Borough Public Library with a roadmap for continued growth and success.  We thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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