Online Application Tips

Helpful hints to keep in mind as you begin to fill out online applications. 

  • Every online application will ask you for a username and password. You will often need to create an account with the site to just get started.
    • You need an email address to apply for jobs online.
    • It is helpful to write down your username and passwords for different applications so you can have that information to access the site again.
  • Don’t use a computer’s back button to return to a previous page.  Use the form’s back button.
  • Avoid over-clicking buttons. This can cancel/freeze your application.
  • Any field with an asterisk (*) next to it is a mandatory field
    • You must complete this field in order to advance to the next page.
    • Some of the fields are optional.
  • Some areas of an application have to be typed in a specific format.  This happens most commonly with dates. If they are not typed in the correct format, you cannot go to the next page.
  • Usually you cannot see the entire application before you complete it.  The site will only show you part of the application at a time.
  • Some applications will ask you to upload a resume or to copy it into a box on the application.
  • Helpful to have a resume saved, so you don’t need to make a new one every time you apply for a job.
  • Make sure your application is as accurate as possible.
    • Also check for correct spelling and grammar.

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