Consumer Resources

Better Business Bureau:
Contains information about businesses and charitable organizations throughout the country to help consumers make informed decisions.

Consumer Reports Magazine:
Presents articles on health, public safety, marketplace economics and the judicial & regulatory actions that affect consumers from 1985-Present. Home Access

The writers for this website review print and online reviews of products and services using a set of objective, published ratings criteria. It is also a search engine for consumer product reviews.

Kelley Blue Book:
Kelley Blue Book, the country’s largest vehicle valuation company, has made the term “blue book value” synonymous with a vehicle’s market vehicle value. Their website contains new and used vehicle pricing and information. Mobile homes, RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and personal watercrafts are also included.

Gale Legal Forms:
Download official legal forms, and customize them to suit your needs. GLF offers forms for wills, power of attorney, landlord/tenant, divorce and dissolution, leases, sale of property, employment, and more. GLF provides forms customized to Pennsylvania state law, and includes forms drafted by attorneys for particular legal matters.  Home Access

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