Naming Opportunities

By choosing a Naming Opportunity in connection with support of the Baldwin Borough Public Library’s campaign, individuals, families and businesses become a part of the library’s legacy for generations to come. A permanent exhibit of donors’ names and their chosen naming opportunities will be maintained in a prominent location in the new library.

Interested in a naming opportunity? Please contact Jenny Worley: or 412-885-2255

A commemorative brick program is also being planned and will be implemented in 2018.

Adult Collection: $100,000 
Our new library will provide comfortable spaces that connect the community. Your gift will provide dedicated adult space full of comfortable seating for the enjoyment of reading, work tables for collaboration and quiet study, and computers for exploring and research.

Children’s Center: $100,000 
The library has a grand vision for a special area for one of our most important group of patrons! Your gift will help provide a whimsical and enjoyable space that fosters literacy, learning, and creative play for children of all ages, and provide opportunities for families to read together and connect with each other on a daily basis. Although a separate space for children is definitely planned as part of the renovation, if fundraising is successful and the library meets its stretch goal of $3 million, then a dedicated children’s 1,000 square foot addition to main building will be completed in the first phase of construction.

Teen Space: $100,000 
We believe that everyone deserves a place where they can be themselves and have fun–especially teens. Your gift will provide a space with the privacy, safety and comfort teens need to feel relaxed and welcome at the library, whether they are studying for a test, hanging out with friends, or relaxing with a good book.

Patio Garden: $100,000 
Our plans are to complete an addition to the main library building that will accommodate an expanded Children’s Area. If fundraising is successful and this is accomplished in the first phase of construction and renovation, the library will also incorporate an attractive outdoor space—the Patio Garden—adjacent to the Children’s Area. The Patio Garden will feature comfortable outdoor seating (see below), attractive plantings and landscaping, and other features that will enable patrons to relax outdoors when weather permits.

Patio Tables with Seats and Benches, each grouping: $5,000 
Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a good book.  Help provide comfortable and versatile outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy the outdoors, while reading, studying or connecting with family and friends.

Baldwin Borough Public Library Sign: $100,000 
We’re here!  Help us announce our new location to the community by providing a state-of the art outdoor sign that illuminates in the dark and serves as the cornerstone of our new space. The donor’s name or designee will be incorporated into the sign.

Children’s Discovery Corner: $75,000 
The library is an essential source of knowledge and discovery for children that stimulates their imagination and piques their curiosity.  Our designated Children’s Discovery Center in the Children’s Area is designed to encourage kids to explore their imaginations through active play on the built-in stage or settling into the reading nook to get lost in a good book.

Customer Service Desk: $75,000 
This area is the first point of contact for every person that walks through our doors.  Your gift will provide a welcoming and safe space for patrons to ask questions, sign-up for programs and find materials.

Multipurpose Program Center: $50,000 | Program Room I or II $25,000 
This large program room will serve as the primary space for all of our kids, adult and senior programs.  It will have the flexibility to transform into two spaces so we can offer more programs simultaneously and also continue to be a gathering place and reception area for community organizations and businesses. There is the opportunity to sponsor Program Room I or Program Room II for $25,000 each.

Multipurpose Program Furnishings: $10,000 each grouping 
Our new library will have many diverse programs, from family art night, to technology classes; from preschool story time to yoga.  We need durable and comfortable furniture that accommodates all our programming needs and provides the community groups and organizations that use our room with useful and adequate seating.

Director’s Office: $50,000 
The new library will have a designated office for the Library Director, a place where she can work undisturbed and be available for one-on-one assistance for library patrons.

Entrance Foyer: $50,000 
This is the main entryway into the new library that will have a rotating displays of topics of interest, donor recognition and serve as the transitional area into the library proper.

Donor Recognition Display: $50,000 
The library’s Donor Recognition Display will be a focal point, featuring all of the names of campaign supporters.

Collection Spotlight Exhibit: $35,000 
We have created a special moment in our new facility—an eye-catching exhibit that creates drama and interest in the new space.  The exhibit is at the center of the new library and will be used to display all the newest books, music and movies.

Library Spotlight Display: $35,000 
In our new library, we will offer programming for all ages, on a variety of topics including health and wellness, art, technology, literacy and recreation.  Upon entering, patrons will be greeted with a high- tech display that advertises all these programs, as well as highlighting online eBook services, new authors and patron photos.

Landscape: $25,000
Matching the new library’s wonderful interior will be a range of plantings, trees and other foliage outdoors that will truly make the library exceptional! The landscaping will feature perennial and annual plantings that will offer year-round interest, including brilliant fall foliage and bright berries for our feathered friends through the cold winter months. Choosing this naming option provides an individual, family or business with the opportunity to transform the exterior of the new Baldwin Library!

Refreshment Nook: $25,000 
Grab a cup, sit and stay awhile!  We believe that it’s the little things that make a place feel like home. By sponsoring our new nook, patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or water when they visit the library to help them feel relaxed and at ease.

  • Hospitality Supplies, annual: $2,500 
    For a gift of $2,500, which may be renewed annually, your support will ensure that the library Refreshment Nook is well equipped with supplies of coffee, tea, bottled water and related supplies.

Library Shelving End Panels: $20,000         RESERVED
Creating a new library space gives us the opportunity to explore different materials to make the space modern and environmentally responsible. These custom end panels are low impact products, meaning their manufacture has a very small environmental footprint. They will be a white and slightly translucent Ecoresin which is sustainable and made up of 40% recyclable materials. Additionally, the company that produces the product is a facilities that sends zero waste to landfills. Sponsoring these endcaps are a great way to support environmentally responsible products that can be showcased in our new location.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Access Services: $15,000 
We believe that access to the Internet should be a free and limitless resource to every member of our community.   Your gift will provide a new wireless access point for better library connectivity and mobile printing services in the library.  It will also help fund the purchase of Wi-Fi hotspots that can be checked out and taken home by any member of the community.

Staff Work Room: $15,000 
Our staff keeps the library running smoothly by working diligently behind the scenes.  Help support their efforts by naming a space that provides a comfortable, private and organized place for them to plan programming and perform all the necessary functions associated with day-to-day library operations.

  • Staff Work Room Furnishings: $5,000  
    Having the right furniture is essential for the health and well-being of staff.  We need ergonomic chairs and work tables that are designed for function and comfort while we perform our everyday tasks

Wood Veneer or Black Metal on Exterior: $15,000 
A library should be welcoming and warm on the outside, so patrons feel safe and happy walking through the doors. Help us transform the building by sponsoring the wood paneling that will envelop the building and create architectural interest. Multiple panels are available at $15,000 each.

Bicycle Rack: $10,000 
We want to make sure we are welcoming to all modes of transportation. Your gift will provide a secure space for patrons to park their bikes while visiting the library and enjoying programs.

Book Drop: $5,000          RESERVED
Not everyone can get to the library during open hours.  Your gift will provide a secure and convenient place for returning materials after hours, or when patrons are low on time and cannot come inside the library.

eBooks & Programming: $5,000 
Our eBook collection is one of the best in the state.  Your gift will help the library purchase more eBooks to add to the county-wide collection and also support programming on using eBook devices and apps.

Technology & Programming, each: $5,000 
Many computer stations will be located in designated areas for use by our patrons in the adult, teen and children’s Areas. Each gift of $5,000 will help fund one of those computer stations and sponsor a technology programming series.

Staff Lounge: $5,000 
Everyone deserves a break!  Your gift will provide staff a private area to relax, refuel and rejuvenate so they can continue providing top notch library service.

Water Fountain and Filling Station: $3,000            RESERVED
Does reading make you thirsty? What about using a computer? If you said yes to either of these questions, then this is the naming opportunity for you! We’ll have a new ADA accessible public water fountain in the new location that will provide cold filtered water, on demand! Plus, the Library is also doing its part to go green by providing a fountain equipped with a water bottle filling station to encourage the use of reusable containers. Help save the environment while supporting the library!

Children’s Mobile Display Shelving: $2,500 
Our new children’s area needs shelving that is kid-friendly and creative. Your gift will help purchase new display shelves that showcase our children’s materials and make it easier for kids of all ages to find a book that will interest them. These shelves will also have wheels, so we can reconfigure the kid’s space to accommodate programs and active play anytime we need.
Library Furnishings

Hardback Chairs, each: $500 
Casual Seating Chairs, each: $1,000 
Table, each: $1,000 
Children’s Furniture Groupings, each: $1,000 
The new library will be a welcoming place to visit by providing spaces that help patrons unwind, play and collaborate. Your donation will help create these spaces by providing comfortable furniture, including seating, tables and desks for people to relax, study or interact with family and friends.

Special Two-Year Naming Opportunities 


Program Naming  
One of our strengths as a library is the diverse programming we provide that serves the educational and recreational needs of patrons of all ages.  Your gift of $5,000 will support a program series in your name, or the name of a family member, friend, company or business for a two-year period, and may be renewed with an additional $5,000 investment. Topics include:

Early Literacy Programs: $5,000      RESERVED
Reading is fundamental to a child’s achievement and essential for the development of early language skills.  This sponsorship will support the curriculum, materials, and activities for the Library’s early learning programs for kids ages 0-5. 

  • Art Programming, like Brushes Before Bedtime, Family Art Night, and Teen Painting
  • Author Speaker Series
  • Summer Reading Club Programming
  • Summer Teen Drama Club
  • Outreach Services to Community Youth
  • And more!  Interested donors should speak with Library administration to discuss areas of interest.

Endowment Funding 
The Baldwin Borough Public Library is establishing an endowment to be prepared for future changes in the ways patrons use the library, and to ensure that we are ready to adapt the physical spaces and programming accommodate these changes. The endowment will fund ongoing enhancements to spaces, technology, furniture and other interior elements.

Endowment Categories 

Subject Area Collections: $25,000, each 
Any of our subject collections are available for naming with a gift of $25,000 in an endowment. This gift may be paid over a five-year period. The collection will then carry both the donor’s name and designee, and each of the books will have a specially designed bookplate with your name, or the name of a family member, friend, company or business.

Large Print Collection (2 year Sponsorship)               RESERVED
The Library consciously purchases materials in different formats to accommodate residents that have vision limitations. “Large Print” books are printed in a larger font to help make reading easier on the eyes by eliminating the eye strain that can be caused when reading standard print books. This sponsorship, will provide money to purchase large print books, by a wide range of authors so even those that have vision challenges can still enjoy reading their favorites.

Greatest Needs Fund: $50,000 
The Greatest Needs fund provides a flexible source of funding for the library’s programming or facility priorities, as recommended by the library director and approved by the board of trustees.

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