Support the Campaign

 If you’ve not contributed to the project yet, we ask you to consider giving generously. If you’ve already made a contribution, we say thanks and ask everyone to consider an additional stretch gift. Together we can make this project a reality. If not you, then who will do it?

To make a donation, please visit and download a pledge form in the Capital Campaign section of our website. Or please stop by the Baldwin Borough Public Library at 41 Macek Dr.


Baldwin Borough


Baldwin Borough Public Library Building Fund
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Keystone Library Grant
County of Allegheny Community Infrastructure and Tourism Fund
Estate of Louis Fabian

$50,000 -$99,999
$25,000 $49,999

John F. Slater Funeral Home, Inc.
PNC Charitable Trusts

$15,000- $24,999
$10,000 -$14,999
$5,000- $9,999

Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
McElhinny Insurance Agency LLC, in memory of Denis and June McElhinny
The Moder Family
Candace and Christopher Seymour & Family
Mark and Jennifer Worley


Pam and Vincent Calfo
The Paul Hayhurst Family
Kathleen and Mark Lynch
Nancy Musser
Jesse Posset
Thomas J. Gmiter Funeral Home

$0 - $999

Duffy's Tavern
Jessica and Michael Fitzgerald
GBU District 684
Marie Jackson
McIlrath Insurance, LLC
Kelly and Michael Mossbauer
Dr. Sandra Och
David M. Stiffey
Anonymous Donors (2)








The remarkable leadership that has emerged for the Campaign is a testimony to how important this Campaign is to our community. Our volunteers are the inspiration that continues to move this project forward. These are the individuals who have stepped forward to participate in this campaign.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Paul Hayhurst & Candace Seymour

Committee Members
John Egger
Mike and Jessica Fitzgerald
Robert Healy III
Kevin Moder
Kelly Mossbauer
Jesse Posset
Elliott Rambo
David Stiffey
Rosemary Willis

Marketing and Communications Committee
Kelly Mossbauer
Robert Healy III
Sue Stiffey

Library Director and All Committees
Jenny Worley

Campaign Counsel
Mark J. Lynch and Associates
Sewickley, PA



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