Mobile & Wireless Printing

You can now print any document or web page from your computer, phone or tablet. The print jobs will be sent to our library printers and you can immediately pick them up and pay for them at the front desk in the Library.

Printing prices:
  • B&W: $.10 per page
  • Color: $1.00 per page
Print files from a tablet or laptop:   Click this link
  • Choose the color or black and white printer, enter your email, attach your file and click print!  It's that easy.
Print from a mobile device:

To print emails or email attachments: Each of our printers have an email associated with them:

Black and White Printing

Color Printing

  • Locate the email or attachment you want to print in your email server.
  • Forward the email you want to print to one of the above email addresses.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email and in a few moments the document it will appear in the library queue for printing.

To print files on your mobile device: Download the PrinterOn App.

  • Visit your device's 'store' for apps, install and launch the PrinterOn App.
  • Select your printer. This can be done tapping the rectangular box toward the bottom of the app that says "No printer selected."
  • Select what you want to print (Documents, Email, Photos, Web). For files on your mobile device, you will need to allow PrinterOn access to your files. Go to your device Settings > PrinterOn to enable access.
  • Once you have selected what you want to print, there will be a printer icon in the upper right hand corner. Click that and hit the green “Print” button that appears at the bottom of the app.

Can I send something from my home computer to the library's printer?

Yes! Just click on this link and you can send it from your home computer to the library's printer to pick up the prints at the library!

Printing prices:
  • B&W: $.10 per page
  • Color: $1.00 per page

You must pick up your print jobs the same day that you print them or you will need to resubmit them.

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