Technology Tips

Each week Pam has a technology column in the South Hills Record.  Below are some helpful technology tips. Send us an email if you have a technology question or want to see a certain topic in print.

Plenty of online resources available to help plan your next getaway


Library Corner: E-resources can give students a head start

Hoopla helps bring comic books to life on your computer or device
Discover Pittsburgh's history online

Column: Download music legally with library service

Library Corner: Improve financial literacy with library resources

Richter: Database makes research easier for grade school students

Column: Library resource makes language learning easy

Column: New audiobook tool helps listeners customize experience

Column: New audiobook tool helps listeners customize experience

Column: Use your library to track down family history

Column: Libraries offer limited tax forms, but other aid available

Column: Caution with email on public computers

Column: Various databases can help library users with health education

Column: Some stumped by password intricacies

Column: No reason to fear windows 8

Column: Book tracking services targets two potential resolutions

Column: Test out these apps for that device

eReader books also available to borrow at local libraries

Richter: See what all the Hoopla is over new streaming program
Column: Let Baldwin librarian help navigate technology

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