ACLA Library Road Trip!


Did you know that there are 45 public libraries outside the City of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County? Some libraries are big, some are small. Some libraries share a school district. Some you can walk to, and some require a car or bus. All offer programming for patrons of all ages. All provide much more than books. All are welcoming places in their communities. All are unique and part of the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA). ACLA is proud to announce the launch of a new program, Library Road Trip, which challenges everyone to visit as many libraries as possible.
The program begins today, and the rules are simple. Visit any suburban Allegheny County library to pick up your library passport or print your own at home. The passport lists all eligible libraries. While you are there, get a stamp for your first library and then plan to visit some or all the others! Participants will receive prizes for every library visited, completing a region (as noted on the passport) and visiting all libraries in the county. For more information, visit

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips:

• Begin by visiting the local library in your community. Find it here.
• Combine a library visit with another destination. If your kids want to go to a playground, visit
Andrew Bayne Memorial Library.
• Make multiple library stops at ones that are near each other, like Baldwin Borough Public
Library, Brentwood Library, and Whitehall Public Library.
• Go to a library for a specific collection, like the Library of Things at Wilkinsburg Public Library
where you can check out a telescope, tent, or drum pad.
• Schedule the visit around a specific program, such as the Arabic story time at Andrew Carnegie
Free Library and Music Hall.
Summer is an exciting time to begin your journey with libraries offering full calendars of programs for all ages. Before visiting, check the library website for hours and information about upcoming programs. There is so much to do at the county libraries – sign up for a library card, attend a program, check out materials and much more – so make the most of your travels. The Library Road Trip is free to participate in and for all ages!

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