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Make a difference with fundraising for Baldwin Borough Public Library

       More Than 500K People Helped GoFundMe Set Single-Day Giving Record After  George Floyd's Death | PEOPLE.com


The Baldwin Borough Public Library is your destination for discovery, enrichment and life-long learning. Because of your support and generosity, the library is an open and limitless resource to every member of the community. To provide even more quality resources, we need your help. Consider making a donation to one of our go fund me projects today.

Rent The Chicken

The Baldwin Borough Public Library is raising funds to run a “Hatch-the-Chicken” program. We will be partnering with Rent the Chicken, an organization that provides all the materials to hatch baby chicks right at the library!
The best part is, you’ll be able to view the hatching and growth process in real-time online or in person at the library!



Ready, Set, Create: Cricut Unveils Innovations to Double Creativity Speeds | Business Wire

The Baldwin Borough Public Library is raising money to purchase a Cricut machine. This machine will be available to our staff and the public to make amazing creations, spark creativity, and learn new skills.
Your donation is tax deductible!



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