A special thank you to the Regional Asset District for their generous funding every year, to not only our Library, but to all county libraries.
And to the Baldwin Borough Councifor their continued financial support of our mission and role in the community. We could not provide quality service and programs without your help.
Friends of the Baldwin Borough Public Library – To all of you, your commitment to this community and this library, and your wonderful spirit moves me every day.  Thank you for all your hard work, time and donations.

2020 Donors

Last updated: October 15 @1:52PM

Adams & Associates
Brentwood Bank
John F. Slater Funeral Home
Spina Law Associates, P.C.
Thomas Gmiter Funeral Home, Inc


Individuals and Families
(Alphabetical A-L)
Anonymous Donors = 54
Zach Aaron
Laura Adams
Janet Addlespurger
Joe and Lisa Alfonsi
Karen Allen
William and Kareen Apel in honor of our parents
Pam Arroyo
Celestine and David Auen
Kristina Badali
Tracy and Matthew Bakowski in memory of Joe and Dorothy Miller
Ben Banyas
Behers Family
Tara Benitez
John and Helen Beres
Jean Beyer
Jerry and Ann Bisignani
Katherine Blanchard in memory of Alma McClain
Diane Boggs
David Bold
Carolyn Bourgeois
Stephenie Brazill
Greg Bucci
William and Linda Burns Jr.
Roland and Colleen Campion
Jeff and Katie Chojnicki
Paula Cline
Eleanor Coe in honor of Baldwin Whitehall Teachers
Dottie Coll
Don and Dolores Colarosa
Cheryl Conte
Susan Creek
Robert and Cheryl Cygrymus
Anonymous in memory of Dorothea Dierken
Stanley and Mariane Darkowski, for Dylan and Austin Darkowski
Mary Ann Davis
Daniel Davisson
John and Linda Denk
Dolores Depretis
Charlene Devlin in memory of Charles F. Devlin, Jr.
Michael A. Dinardo
James and Linda Doring
Matthew Dugan
Vivian and Don Duncan in memory of William “Bill” Needham
Roberta Ebert
Jeff and Ann Ehland
Christy Ehrlich
Beth Eicher
Marylou Englert
Stephanie Esek
Cathryn Evanek
Marcus Faber
Carole Fahrner
Kathleen Faraone
Marian Fedak in honor of Willis and Marie Knight
Nicholas and Eileen Fera
William Fix
Anonymous in memory of Marian Frantz
Dorothy Frisch
Victor Fritz
Joseph and Cathy Gavin Jr.
Cynthia Geisler
Marsha Green
Andrea and William Gregg
Debra Gromo in memory of my mom, Grace Kreutzer
Judith Hallinen
James Hamel
Paul and Susan Hayhurst
Sally Henderson
Michael Herrle
Michael and Judith Hines
Samantha Hoffman
Diana Huang
Judith Huetter in memory of my husband, Glenn & daughter, Susan
Marie Jackson
Ruth Jarosz
Maureen and John Joyce
Mary Kancle
Beth Kassalen
Christine and Steve Kedzuf
Barbara Kelly
Sherri Kennedy
Susanne Klug
Kenneth Knetzer
Suann Kozak
Lorraine Krason
Joan Kvorjak
Albert and Sharon Lang
Thomas and Christine Laurent
Robert J. Lee
Mary Lepiane in memory of Eugene Lepiane
Rhonda A. Luczak
Mark and Kathleen Lynch
Organizational Partners
Baldwin Whitehall Friends of the Theater Arts, 2020 Teen Drama Program sponsor
Jefferson Regional Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin, 2020 Summer Reading Club Sponsor
Shade Tree Commission
Women’s Club of Baldwin
Individuals and Families
(Alphabetical M-Z)
Chet Maciejewski
John and Beverly Madeja
Denise and Thomas Maiden
Gretchen Marlowe
Laurette Martin
Joanne Mccarthy
Joe and Sharon McCartney in Honor of our parents
Brenda McCracken
Paul and Faye McVay
Robert and Carol Meador in memory of Wayne Pferdehirt
Carol Meeder
Rose Marie Mendyk
Lori Meyers
Mary Ann and Donald Mient
John and Catie Miller
Ronald Miller
Marilyn Milteer
Carol and Francis Miskevich
Karen Mislanovich
Donna Mitchell
Kevin and Jamie Moder
Michele Morgan
Kelly and Michael Mossbauer
Marty and Hank Murawski
Nancy Musser
Rosanne Musser in honor of Nancy Musser
Debra Mutschler
Mary Mylo
Richard and Kimberly Newbould
Quy Nguyen
Ken Okello
Frank O’Leary
Pam Ozanich
Diane and Paul Palko
John Palmiere
Samuel Parinella
Andrea Parise
Beckie Paulick
Gary and Mary Paull
Kelly Pearl
Dolores Perston
Michele Petri
Walter and Monica Ploskon
Jesse Posset
George and Barbara Pry
John and Kathly Radacsi
Danielle Rauch
Elaine and John Rhode
Anna Richards
Thomas and Lynda Ritter
Marjean Rockacy
George L. Rohe
Jamie Rossi
Christine Rostek
Fran Ruppen
Paulette Sadowski
Patricia Saint-Vincent
Russell and Susan Scheller
Annie M. Schmidt in memory of Margaret Rita McCormick Conrad
Michael and Kathryn Schmitt
Nancy Sciechowicz
Candace and Christopher Seymour and Family
Juliana Shayne
Melissa Sill
Charles and Margaret Skalos
Jeanne Stefanac
Sue and Kevin Stiffey
Rose Ann Stroncek
Benjamin and Nancy Taylor
Marie Teslovich in memory of my mother
Carson Thieret
Ray Thomas
Arlene Thompson
Khara Timsina and Family
Monica Tompkins
Jim Vogel
Cheryl Walendziewicz
Gregory Watson
Caryn Wayman
Linda and Richard Weber
Virginia Weida
Karen Widmaier
Eric Willis
Rosemary and William Willis
Melissa Wine
Linda Winkler
Martha Winowich in memory of Yolanda Solenday
Donna Wojcik
Jenny and Mark Worley
Nicole Wysocki
Marlene Young in memory of Bob Young
Cathy Zandier
Crystal Zimmerman
Past Donors
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