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Did you know that children who are not exposed to books in the first five years of their lives are already behind as soon as they enter kindergarten? Reading is fundamental to a child’s achievement. Reading books to young kids develops the language and concept skills needed for educational success.

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“This was our first time participating in the program. We found the creative [early literacy] totes and corresponding online content to be interactive, engaging, and fun. We always enjoyed books, and this helped fuel the joy. We are very pleased that we decided to give it a try!” – Andrea Koehler

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alt=""“When Dolores first told me about the program I was thrilled to take part in such a cool and inspiring program for young readers. Reading is a daily part of my girls lives. Books are sometimes read throughout the day, but no matter what the girls have a storytime at night.

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 Currently we have been reading around the dining room table over a bowl of cereal before heading upstairs to prepare for bath and bed. We have a big box in the dining room which is always overflowing with books from the library.

My girls have been going to the library since they were just a few months old. Baldwin Library has become one of our favorite library’s to visit and attend storytimes. My older daughter, who is currently in preschool five days a week doesn’t get to go to the library as often as she used to and loves to come home after school to see what books her sister and I have checked out. I love to watch my girls look at and study the books and create a mountain of books around themselves as they look through them. I especially love to hear them recite books that we have read back to themselves because they have memorized the words.

I was very proud of my girls when Ms. Dolores handed them their certificates at the completion of the program. Reading a 1,000 books each was made possible not only because of myself and my husband, but because of the girls grandparents on both sides and their Aunt! It took a big effort on everyone’s part to help my girls achieve this monumental goal in their young lives!

I look forward to when my girls will start reading on their own, but can honestly say I will miss reading to them and will still continue to do so as long as they will let me!

A big thanks goes to Ms. Dolores, Ms. Tracy and all of the Baldwin Library staff for being an instrumental part of my girls lives and helping them to grow and learn through one common factor, everyone’s love for books and reading!!!!” – Tara Benitez



alt=""“The thousand books before kindergarten program helped to instill a love of books within my daughter. The program inspired us to develop a nightly ritual of reading and fostered a passion of learning.” – Jennifer Hoff


alt=""“I was thrilled to sign my daughter up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. It seemed like such a great opportunity to quantify just how many stories we were reading on a daily basis while also continuing to foster her love of books. She could not wait to go to the library on the weeks where she reached a milestone in her trek toward 1,000.

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The pride on her face when she would show the librarian her progress was probably only matched by my own pride at watching her blossom into such an engaged and excited little reader.

When we moved to Pittsburgh two years ago, one of the very first places I took my daughter was the local library. Having grown up in the library myself, I knew that I wanted my daughter to have the same experience because I believe that libraries are more than just a collection of books, magazines, and movies. Rather, libraries represent limitless possibilities – especially for youngsters like my daughter. What we found at our local library were more books than we could ever imagine reading; toys and games that spark creative and imaginative play; new playmates to join us in our adventures; and friendly librarians who were there to help us find books or movies on whatever topic we were interested in that day. Since that first visit, we have become regulars at the various story times and children’s events. We absolutely think of the library as our second home, and look forward to our visits each and every week. And to the parent who has not had the opportunity to take their child to the library, I encourage you to make a visit. I can promise that you, and your child, will most certainly not be disappointed.” – Tara Abbott


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