Manage your Holds

We need your help.

We have a backlog of over 100,000 items on our county holds list.  Trying to fill all of these holds when we reopen for contact-less pick-up will put a strain on our system and make wait times extra long.  (You’ve already waited months!)

We ask you take a moment out of your day to look at your current holds and ask yourself these questions:

Are you still interested in reading/watching/listening to the item?

– If the answer is NO, cancel the hold.

– If the answer is YES, use one of these three options:

  1. Do nothing, and the item will be ready for pick-up when we return to service. (Date TBD)
  2. FREEZE the hold. Don’t need it right away? By freezing the hold, you won’t lose your place in line and the item will stay on hold. When you are ready for the item, you can unfreeze it anytime.
  3. Move the item to your book list cart. It will no longer be on hold, but you can put it back on hold when you are ready to read/watch/listen to it.
Read more about how to Freeze Holds
  • Access the online library catalog is by clicking My Account Login on the first screen of our library’s website.


  • Click Log In in the upper-right hand corner of the online catalog screen.
  • Enter the library card number and PIN number for the account.


  • After you log in you can go to your Holds, under the My Account section in the upper right hand corner.
  • From this screen, select the item(s) you would like to freeze, then click On Selected in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

  • There will be an option that says Freeze Hold. A confirmation screen will pop up confirming that the item is frozen.
  • Note: You must go through the same process to unfreeze your holds. It does not guarantee you will get the items right away, but unfreezes your spot in the holds line.

Are there items on your holds list that you have already read/watched/listened to and you don’t need anymore?

  • If the answer is YES, cancel the hold.
  • If the answer is NO, see the options above for managing your holds.

Are you still interested in reading/watching/listening to the item, but can wait a while longer?

  • We strongly recommend Options #2 & #3 above.  This will help us get the most wanted items into people’s hands faster.


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