Benestelli Family

12191579_1704691693084239_9199108336749766839_nLaura Benestelli (left), her husband Brian and their two kids: Ava (5) and Dylan (4) attend many of the programs at the library. The family is expecting a new addition soon and Laura said she will be bringing her new baby to storytimes at the library.

“We come for the programs, all the kid programs. Over the summer we come for the storytimes. But as of right now with both of them in school…we miss storytimes, so we can’t get here. But we do really enjoy the
storytimes too.

It (the Summer Reading Program) really did (help them to read more). We were here every week checking books out and here for storytime. We will get 10 to 15 books out and bring them all back and take another 10 to 15 books out.

They are both big into reading and we read every day. They’ll be excited to tell Ms. Dolores they read a new book.

I talk to all my friends, mainly about the kid activities here. I push everything with the kids. But also, there are a lot more resources. I don’t use them all, but I know what is going on.

Thanks to the many flyers hanging up I can see what opportunities are here for adults, teens and children. There’s a lot more adult stuff that maybe I’ll take advantage of and be here for.

I love to inform everyone on the upcoming events at the library especially anything related to the kids.

The aspect of it being free and educational is one of the biggest pluses of it for me.”

Laura added that both Ava and Dylan love Ms. Dolores. Ava’s favorite thing at the library is the Summer Reading Program, whereas Dylan’s is storytime with Ms. Dolores.



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