Mary Ann Temple

IMG_1006Mary Ann Temple brings her Dad, Mel Lang, to the library for watercolor classes, held in the spring and fall.

“I bring my father, who is 94 for the watercolor classes, which he dearly loves. As he doesn’t drive, I come to the library and wait for him. So being here at the library, I see the advantages of coming to the library early and often.

He (my father) paints every single day. It has become the focus of his day.

He gets on YouTube; he looks at videos. We have been to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Baldwin Library, Pleasant Hills Library, Jefferson Hills Library looking for watercolor painting books.

And on top of that (the books) we look for National Geographic type pictures. He asks all kind of geography questions. It keeps him current on events and world happenings.

Just to look at your bulletin board (at the library) inspires you to cook, to do crafts, to use the computers, to do eBooks, to read magazines, to read the newspaper.

Look at the newspapers. Today I could read the Wall Street Journal, USA Today. I could read local, South Hills Record, which I don’t get. I could read the Trib (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), I get the Post-Gazette.

Look at all the different ways you could see the same story. I think it’s terrific.

Any interest you have, can be enhanced here at the library.”


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