2018 Donors

Anonymous (60 Donors)
Joe and Lisa Alfonsi
Christina Antenucci
William Apel
Kristina Badali
Jean Beyer
Kathy Blanchard
The Bordones
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus T. Boron Jr.
Bill and Linda Burns
Angela Calfo
Janis Carey
Cindrich Family
John and Marianne Conley
Elanor Coe
Mary Ann Critchlow
Edward G. Csider
Dylan & Austin Darkowski
Mary Ann Davis
Mary and John DeGeorge
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Del Re
Marlene Denk
Dolores Depretis
Charlene F. Devlin
Michael A. Dinardo
James and Linda Doring
Ruth Drake
Matthew J. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ehland
Marian Fedak
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Feiling
Kevin & Renee Fischer
Robert Foreman
James & Gertrude Foster
Dorothy Frisch
Victor Fritz
Linda & Tom Funk
Joe & Cathy Gavin
Peter Giglione
Serina Green
Andrea and Bill Gregg
Hayhurst Family
Michael F. Herrle
Francine Hyde
Betty Imbrogno
Marie Jackson
Maureen & John Joyce
Cindy Johnson
Erica Kaduck
Emily Klaczak
Susanne Klug
Barbara Kohle
Kathy and Jim Kraus
Joan and Leonard Kvorjak
Thomas and Christine Laurent
Madelyn Nicole Lauso
Robert J. Lee
Mary Lepiane
Robert and Rhonda Luczak
Jim Lydon in honor of Kate and Finn
Joe & Sharon McCartney
Marilyn McKinley
Mercedes McMinn
Bob Meador
Bill and Carol Meeder
Grace Merta
Mary Ann Mient
Jerry and Roberta Milius
Jean Miller
Ron and Elaine Miller
Mueller Family
Marty and Hank Murawski
Debra Mutschler
Frank O’Leary
Donald & Jonell Onodi
Christina Pekney
Dolores H. Perston
Chrissy Peterson
Bill Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Radacsi, Sr.
Representative Harry Readshaw
Marjean Rockacy
Christine Rostek
Jamie Rossi
Fran Ruppen
Paulette Sadowski
Russ and Susan Scheller
Helen C. Schellhaas
Juliana Shayne
Chuck Steele
Kevin and Sue Stiffey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stroncek
William Swauger
Benjamin and Nancy Taylor
The Timsinas
Tripson Family
Bonnie and Thomas Tischler
Ted and Nadia Uher
Kelly Widmaier
Rosemary Willis
Jenny and Mark Worley
Cathy Zandier
Benson Lincoln
Mark Lynch & Associates
New Wine Harvest Church
Old Dad Shook Contracting

Business Ambassadors
Barone Murtha Shonberg & Associates
William P. Egan, C P A, P C
GBU Finanical Life

Community Organizations
Baldwin Whitehall Friends of the Theater Arts
Baldwin Brentwood Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Members
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
Women's Club of Baldwin
Memorials and Honorariums
Tracy and Matt Bakowski, in memory of Joe and Dorothy Miller
Susan Cooley, in memory of my mother Kathryn who loved reading
Judith Huetter, in memory of Glenn Huetter
Beckie Paulick, in honor of Margaret Luchini
Maryann Proviano, in memory of Anthony Michael
Carol Readshaw, in memory of
Curt White, in honor of Sally White
In memory of Barbara Shawhan
Capital Campaign Donor Roster
Thank you to those that have donated toward the Renovation Project outside of a normal annual donation. Will you add your name to the list of supporters?

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