How to use our Program Calendar

The Baldwin Library has a new Program Calendar brought to you by Library Market! To make things easier below are instructions to help you locate and register for Baldwin Library programs.

If you should need additional help, please contact the Baldwin Library and a librarian will assist you!

How to View Programs:

  • Anytime that you hover your mouse over a program to the right of the screen the program’s details will pop-up.

  • To access the program’s page, you have to click on the program’s title.

  • Once you have accessed the program’s page if you would like to enlarge the image/graphic simply click on the image and it will appear bigger.


Scrolling the Calendar:

On the right top side of the program calendar there are four gold buttons: Upcoming, Month, Week & Day

These buttons allow you to view the calendar exactly how they read. For example, if you click on the “Week” button it will show the calendar by each week.

Whichever way you decide to view the calendar there are two sets of arrows on each side of the calendar that allow you go back and forward.

How to Search for Specific Programs:

On the left side of the program calendar there is a long grey box with filters you can apply to narrow your search. All you need to do is click on each filter you would like to use and then click on the word “Apply.”


Once you have applied your filters, to see more similar programs you have to use the previously mentioned two sets of arrows to see the next month, week or day.

I would recommend that when you want to apply filters you view the calendar by “Month.” This will allow you to see the largest number of programs that apply to your filters.

Another way to view more of the same program is to click on one of our programs that has multiple dates (Ex: One-on-One Tech Help).

Right below the date on the program’s page is a gold box that says, “Also Occurs On.” Once you click on that an entire list of dates that the program occurs on will appear. You can then click on any of the dates, and it will take you to that program’s page.


As mentioned before if you have any questions or you run into any issues, please call the Baldwin Library and a librarian will help you!


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