August Capital Campaign Donor Spotlight: McElhinny Insurance

Tim McElhinny who, along with his brother, Tom, represents the third generation of this family-owned business, is working hard to instill in his three children the same ideals that his grandfather made an integral part of the company’s values.

When library board president Kelly Mossbauer approached Tim about supporting the library’s fundraising campaign, Tim didn’t hesitate to say “Yes,” making the gift in memory of his grandfather and grandmother, Dennis and June McElhinny.

“I learned from my Pap that there’s nothing more important than doing what you can do to help others. That also means supporting important causes in the community,” said Tim.

“When I was young I remember him taking me on visits to collect premiums. Sometimes people just couldn’t pay, but my grandfather made it a point to find ways to help them out. It wasn’t just good business. He knew how important it was for their families to be protected and that, in the long run, the community would be stronger for it,” added Tim.

Over time, Tim became aware of his grandfather’s quiet generosity, whether it was supporting his church, other religious causes, and other organizations in the community.

“He always tried to pay it forward, and that’s the same lesson I am trying to teach my kids.”

Why support the library? Tim recalls family camping trips when he was a child. A staple of evening entertainment were books on loan from the local library.

“Pap always took us to the library to stock up before leaving on camping trips because there wasn’t a lot to do in the evenings. It was great fun,” said Tim, “and I know this gift to the Baldwin Library would mean a great deal to him and my grandmother.

“I want those values to carry forward for my children. They need to know the big picture and how important it is to have a strong moral compass and stay connected to the people and places in the community that do good for others.”

Tim McElhinny is the owner of McElhinny Insurance.  He has pledged to support the bookdrop at new library.

Book Drop        $5,000

Not everyone can get to the library during open hours.  Your gift will provide a secure and convenient place for returning materials after hours, or when patrons are low on time and cannot come inside the library.

We need your help.   Whether or not you are a regular library user, we know you understand that a library is a community asset that benefits everyone. Your financial support, regardless of amount, will be vital in helping us reach our goal!

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