Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Go on a virtual scavenger hunt through the Baldwin Library! Click on link below and begin your search. Take a screenshot when you find an item on the list. Once you have found all of the items show your photos to a librarian and cash it in for a FREE candy bar!


  1. “Everyone is welcome here!” sign

  2. “Big Book of Pennsylvania: Ghost Stories”

  3. Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street

  4. rain clouds

  5. pencil sharpener

  6. bucket of flowers

  7. Book Page magazine

  8. library hours sign

  9. shopping cart

  10. smiling sun

  11. tech help sign

  12. story walk

  13. program calendar

  14. rock garden

  15. step stool

  16. paper towels

  17. Taylor Swift

  18. Love Your Library tote

  19. Sarris bars

  20. blue headphones

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