Donor Spotlight: Bob Healy

Bob is one of the Library’s dedicated campaign volunteers who lives with his wife (Nicole) and young daughters (Rhiannon and Josephine) on Blossom Drive in Baldwin. Bob joined the campaign organization early in 2017, working with other community volunteers and members of the board of directors to help with fundraising.

Bob, a busy father, husband and professor at Duquesne University, is quick to point out that, like many, his time is limited and he is careful to choose organizations for volunteer purposes where he feels he can make a difference.

“For me and my wife, helping the Baldwin Library with this project was an easy choice.  It checks all of our boxes. First, as a community member, I believe that we have to support organizations like the library who depend mostly on private contributions to provide services. The library is one of those key assets.

“We particularly like the option to buy a brick and jumped on that when the library began offering them. When our daughters visit the library, I can imagine they will be excited to see their own brick, and when they are old enough, we look forward to telling them about what it represents.

“We’re committed because we know how much the new library is going to add to the community. We know it’s going to be a first-class library that our children will use throughout their school years and, we hope, someday with their own families. We are proud to support the library with our contributions toward the renovation of the Leland Center.”


Bricks will be lasered with the message of your choice and installed on the pathway to the new entrance to the library.  Every person that walks through our doors will see your message, your memory, your dedication, your support of the library.
Buy-a-Brick today.

Deadline: Sunday, November 18th


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