Receive Text Notifications for Your Library Account

A new service has been announced that allows you to receive updated information about your library account right from your fingertips! Now in addition to receiving notices by phone or email, you can also receive notifications about your library card account via text message.

This will not replace whether you receive them from phone or email, but will be an additional way to get notifications. (Don’t worry, this is an optional service.) This is free, but depending on your cell phone plan, additional per message charges may be assessed.

You’ll be able to receive notifications, renew checked out items, request information about holds and checked out items and more simply via text message.

Unfortunately at this time, your local library cannot do this for you and you must do it from your own phone.

Here are some steps to get started receiving text message notifications:

  • Text: SIGNUP+your-14-digit-barcode+PIN to (You must include the + signs in the message)
  • Once you do that you will receive a confirmation text message.

When you are signed up you will receive automatic notification about the following: Holds, renewal and overdue items. You will receive a renewal notice three days before an item is due. You can respond right in the text message to renew the item. For example, to renew all checked out items text the keyword RA.

Additionally all registered users will receive library card expiration notices 30 days before your library card expires. This is a great reminder to come into your local library and renew your card!

At any point you can discontinue the service by sending a text message to with the following: QUIT+your-14-digit-barcode.

Text message notifications are just another way to stay connected with your local library and a great way to keep track of your items. For more information and more keyword shortcuts please visit:

Pam Calfo is the Technology and Marketing Librarian at the Baldwin Borough Public Library.  Follow the library on Twitter @BBPL, on Facebook Like the Baldwin Borough Public Library and you can email Pam at

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