September Capital Campaign Donor Spotlight: Kathy Blanchard

Libraries mean the world to me; they hold a community together.  You can always find someone to talk to or something on the shelf.  In the summers we’d gather up our books and head to the library to check more out for the following week.  I met my best friend talking about books.  We were in the sixth grade and I asked her about the book on the top of her stack.  She asked the same of me.  All these years later, we still ask each other what we’re reading.

The library will be easier to get to in the new location. The bus stop is nearby and all the people using the ballfields and living in the apartment complexes will be able to use the library, in addition to the current staunch library users.

When I volunteer at the library I encounter people looking for answers, needing entertainment, looking for work.  There is a lot of community going on at the library, especially the immigrants.  Libraries are at the basis of democracy and a place where you can find the truth.  It is important that society have a place where they can find the truth.

Kathy is a regular volunteer and member of the Friends of the Baldwin Borough Public Library.  Kathy has pledged to support the large print collection in the new library, in honor and memory of her mother.

Naming Opportunity: Large Print Collection Sponsorship

The Library consciously purchases materials in different formats to accommodate residents that have vision limitations. “Large Print” books are printed in a larger font to help make reading easier on the eyes by eliminating the eye strain that can be caused when reading standard print books. This sponsorship, will provide money to purchase large print books, by a wide range of authors so even those that have vision challenges can still enjoy reading their favorites.


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