Story selection: Discover your next read!

I know we all have our favorite authors, one of my favorites is Anna Quindlen.  Sometimes years pass between her new books, but until she comes out with a new book, I search to find a new favorite author or a new title that will captivate me.

At the library we have two new ways to help hold you over until your favorite authors publish their next book.  Story Selection is designed for adults to find their next read.  Just fill out the form and allow a week for new book recommendations. (Or if we have paper slips available in the library too!)

I have created a growing list of book recommendations, and I’ll use this growing list to help you find your next book! Like Girl on the Train, I have a few thrillers to send your way.

Also, we have a new informal program coming up in April – Book Share – where we will be chatting about the latest books we’ve read.  We want to hear from you what you are reading.

Book Share is similar as a book club, but you read what you want and we will discuss!  Also, Nancy and I will bring some recommendations of books to share with the group.

We hope to see you at Book Share on either Friday, April 6 @ 2 pm or Monday, April 23 @ 6:30 pm. 

Have any questions about Story Selection or Book Share? Send them my way and I will be happy to answer them! (Email:

– Pam Calfo, Technology & Marketing Librarian 



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