Teen Volunteering: Fun, Friendship and Fringe Benefits

teen volunteers_UPDATED2As we wind up a very successful summer reading program, we know we couldn’t have done it all without the immense help of our teen volunteers. Our volunteer program for students in grades 6-12 began last summer with 12 wonderful teenagers and grew this summer to 21 enthusiastic youths who did much more than register patrons and log summer reading time.  They did whatever needed done: sorting raffle tickets, using our online catalog, filling displays, disinfecting toys, shelving library materials, cutting oodles of crafts, helping to set up/tear down/clean up programs, and much more.  In the process, some amazing things happened: they learned a lot about the library, they formed friendships with other teens from different community schools, they worked as a team, and they became more confident in themselves.  There are many benefits to volunteering as a teen:

  • Gaining experience in talking to and working with the public and developing transferable skills.
  • Building a resume for upcoming job interviews or community service hours for school. Future employers like to see that teens took the initiative to volunteer their time, especially time spent at a non-profit organization.
  • College may seem far away, but the time goes fast! Volunteering looks great on a college application!
  • Volunteering helps teens feel great about making a difference! There is joy in independence, serving others, and helping out in our community!

This fall, we will be accepting applications for teens interested in helping at our library! To download an application, visit https://baldwinborolibrary.org/how-do-i/volunteer/ or email Dolores Colarosa at colarosad@einetwork.net.

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