2019 Love Your Library Donors

A special thank you to the Jack Buncher Foundation for their generosity.
All donations made to this campaign are being matched from a $150,000 match pool.
Anonymous Donors = 31 You may not want anyone to know of your generousity, but we know, and we are so grateful.


Christina Antenucci
William and Kareen Apel
Tracy and Matthew Bakowski in memory of Joe and Dorothy Miller
Katherine Blanchard in memory of Alma McClain
Marie Bova
Louis Butterworth
Michael and Linda Carlson
Jeff and Katie Chojnicki
Mary Ann Critchlow
Mary Ann Davis
David Decato
Michael A. Dinardo
William Fix
Susan and William Grecco
Florence Grolemund in memory of Fred T. Grolemond
Fred and Janet Holzer
Betty Imbrogno
John and Maureen Joyce
James and Kathleen Kraus
William and Carol Meeder
Kevin and Jamie Moder
Kelly and Michael Mossbauer
Marty and Hank Murawski
Nancy Musser
Frank O’Leary
Jill O’Malley
Stephanie and James Paul
Walter and Monica Ploskon
George L. Rohe
Helen C. Schellhaas
Candace and Christopher Seymour and Family
Juliana Shayne
John Spinnenweber in memory of Margaret Johnson
David Stiffey
Mr. and Mrs Frank and Stroncek
Benjamin and Nancy Taylor
Marie Teslovich in memory of my mother
Timsinas @ 1632 Hollyrood Rd.
Jeanne Webb
Rosemary and William Willis
Catherine Zandier
Mary and Don Zandier
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
Thomas Gmiter Funeral Home, Inc
Zoe’s Beer

Annual Letter Donors

A special thank you to the Regional Asset District for their generous funding every year, to not only our Library, but to all county libraries.


And to the Baldwin Borough Councifor their continued financial support of our mission and role in the community. We could not provide quality service and programs without your help.


Anonymous (42 Donors)
John Affolter
James L. Angel
William P. Anthony Jr.
William Apel
Marian Appetta
Norman Arthurs
Ronald Balash
Behers Family
Lori Bennett
John and Helen Beres
Jean Beyer
Michael and Gloria Bonacci
Tom and Judi Bowlus
Bill and Linda Burns
Louis Butterworth
Michael and Linda Carlson
John and Marianne Conley
Edward G. Csider
Stanley and Mariane Darkowski, for Dylan and Austin Darkowskii
John and Linda Denk
Dolores Depretis
Charlene F. Devlin
Ruth Drake
Matthew J. Dugan
Amy Lynn Elsey
Robert Eisenbarth II
Marian Fedak in Memory of Willis and Marie Knight
William Fix
Franz Family
Victor Fritz
Pete Giglione
Thomas and Eileen Gmiter
Michael F. Herrle
Judie Huetter in memory of Glenn Huetter
Micheal and Cara Izaj
John and Maureen Joyce
Grace Klein
Robert J. Lee
Mary Lepiane
Denise and Thomas Maiden
Anthony F. Manfredo
Patricia and Pasquale Mazzocca
Mercedes McMinn
Bill and Carol Meeder
Jerome and Roberta Milius in memory of Bethany R. Granata
Ron and Elaine Miller
Donald & Jonell Onodi
Beckie Paulick, in Honor of Margaret Luchini
Holly and Fiore Perri
Dolores H. Perston
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Radacsi, Sr.
George L. Rohe
Thomas Roth
Helen C. Schellhaas
Nancy Sciechowicz
David Stiffey
Benjamin and Nancy Taylor
Timsina Family
Marcella Vogan
Leona Waldo
Gregory Watson
Jeanne Webb
Rosemary and Bill Willis
Jenny and Mark Worley
Marlene Young in memory of Bob Young
Donald Zandier
Margaret Zemba


The Alden
Duffy’s Beer LLC
New Wine Harvest Church

Business Ambassadors
Barone Murtha Shonberg & Associates
William P. Egan, C P A, P C
GBU Finanical Life
Spina Law Associates

Community Organizations
Baldwin Whitehall Friends of the Theater Arts
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
Women’s Club of Baldwin


Capital Campaign Donors

2019 Brick Donors
Chuck Bettilyon
Girl Scout Troop 16296
South Hills Libraries
BHS National Honor Society
Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering Inc.
LaVerne Oberle


All Capital Campaign Donations
Thank you to those that have donated toward the Renovation Project outside of a normal annual donation. Will you add your name to the list of supporters?


Past Donors
2018 Library Supporters
2017 Library Supporters
2016 Library Supporters