We would like to thank everyone who has already donated towards our 2016 Annual Fund Drive and Love Your Library Campaign. Our success would not be possible without you!

John Affolter
Joe & Lisa Alfonsi
Marcia and Fred Angel
Sandy Arch-Evans
Robert Bakos
Ronald Balash
Jesse & Theresa Bargas
Robert and Donna Bauer
William Beck
John & Helen Beres
Mr. & Mrs. F. Gregg Beyer
Robert and Jean Beyer
Kristie Bielewicz
Michael and Susan Bieltz
Ann & Jerry Bisignani
Wally Bitters
Katherine Blanchard
Dennis Blunt
Diane Boggs
David Bold
Nick & Jen Bordone
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus T. Boron Jr.
Terence Brophy
Larry and Karen Brown
Linda Burns
David Buterbaugh
Karen and Joseph Buxton
Janis Carey
Jeff & Katie Chojnicki
Bob & Juanita Collet
Kenneth and Laurie Collins
John & Marianne Conley
Mary Ann Critchlow
Edward G. Csider
Lucille Dallas
Dylan & Austin Darkowski
Mary Ann Davis
Mary DeGeorge
Ralph Degregory
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Del Re
Adam Dembiski
Phyllis Denardo
John P. & Linda Denk
Marlene Denk
Dolores Depretis
Charlene F. Devlin
Jeanne Dingel
Linda Doring
Matthew Dugan
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Feiling
Leslie Fink
Kevin and Renee Fischer
Mark Rhodehamel & Laura Fonzi
Jim and Gertrude Foster
Dorothy Frisch
Victor Fritz
William and Sharon Gatzy
Joe & Cathy Gavin

Pete Giglione
Diana Golden
Susan and William Grecco
Andrea and Bill Gregg
Jim Hamel
Denise Harkins
Ginger & Rich Hartman
Paul Hayhurst
Michael F. Herrle
Fred and Janet Holzer
Glenn & Judie Huetter
Fran Hyde
Betty Imbrogno
Cindy Johnson
Maureen & John Joyce
J.M. Karcher
Steve & Chris Kedzuf
Susanne Klug
Barbara Kohle
Kathy and Jim Kraus
Joan Kvorjak
Thomas Laurent & Christine Laurent
Robert Lee
Connie Legge
David and Diane Lehotsky
John and Barbara Lengyel
Mary Lepiane
Susan Lepley
Pat Lombardi
Robert and Rhonda Luczak
Chet & Kathy Maciejewski
Mr. & Mrs. J. Madeja
Dave Mazza
Lori McCann
Joe & Sharon McCartney
Carol Meek
Keith & Chris Miller
Michelle Miller
Kevin Moder
Rosanne Musser
Hank & Marty Murawski
Mrs. Marty Murawski
Debra Mutschler
Kimberly Newbould
Frank O'Leary
Don & Jonell Onodi
Jim & Joan Oyler
Stephanie Paul
Pavlick Family
Bill Pierce
Dolores H. Perston
Lindsay Pfister
Jesse Posset
George & Barbara Pry
Sally Rafson
Jack and Kathleen Radacsi, Sr.
Representative Harry Readshaw

Tom & Lynda Ritter
Marjean Rockacy
Paulette Sadowski
Russ Scheller
Helen C. Schellhaas
Nancy Sciechowicz
Christopher and Candace Seymour
The Robert Sokol Family
Jeanette Sonick
Robert J. Speranza
John Spinnenweber
Chuck Steele
Theresa & Karen Sterzinger
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stroncek
Catherine Szemanski
Benjamin & Nancy Taylor
The Timsinas at 1632 Hollyrood Rd
M. Joyce Toocheck
Tripson Family
G.B. Turner
Rich & Mary Alice Wagner
Jeanne Webb
Al Weil
Carol Whitaker
Jenny and Mark Worley
Mike & Jan Zebert
70 Anonymous Donors

Memorials and Honorariums
In honor of Madelyn Lauso
In honor of Margaret Luchini
In honor of Sally White
In honor of Vivien Skalos
In memory of Anthony Michael
In memory of Antoinette 'Toni' Switala
In memory of Bethany R. Granata
In memory of Bruce J. Andrews
In memory of Candace D. Penkrot
In memory of David & Richard Erbel
In memory of David M. Brickley (former mayor of Baldwin Borough)
In memory of Eileen Falkowski
In memory of Ellis Lee White
In memory of Len Oberle
In memory of Mary Ann Bacik
In memory of Mary Lou Cross
In memory of my dear wife Mary
In memory of Patricia Woehler
In memory of Red Buchanen
In memory of Ron Reid
In memory of Teresa Grolemund O'Leary

Local Businesses & Organizations
Jack Buncher Foundation
Baldwin Brentwood Whitehall Chamber of Commerce
Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering, Inc.
Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling
Old Dad Shook Contracting

New Wine Harvest Church
Women's Club of Baldwin
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin

2015 Library Supporters


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