We 'd like to thank the following community members for their donation.
Your dedication to making our community a stronger and more enriching place through your support of the library is amazing!

2017 Library Supporters

Anonymous Donors (95 donors)
Christopher and Tara Abbott
John Affolter
Joe and Lisa Alfonsi
Jesse Bargas
Alexander & Elizabeth Bennett
John and Helen Beres
Jean Beyer
Jerry & Ann Bisignani
The Bordones
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus T. Boron Jr.
Stephenie Brazill
Larry and Karen Brown
Kevin and Diana Brucha
Bill and Linda Burns
Tim; Dana; Timothy; Brayden & Roman Bush
Karen and Joseph Buxton
Pam and Vince Calfo
Janis Carey
John Chalovich
Jeff & Katie Chojnicki
Eleanor Coe
Don and Dolores Colarosa
Bob & Juanita Collet
Regina Colwell
Tom and Carol Conboy
John R. Conley
Cheryl Conte
Edward G. Csider
Eileen Daquelente
Mary Ann Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Del Re
Phyllis Denardo
John P. & Linda Denk
Marlene Denk
Dolores Depretis
Charlene F. Devlin
Michael A. Dinardo
Mrs. Jeanne H. Dingel
James and Linda Doring
Matthew J. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ehland
Amy Lynn Elsey
Thomas Fallon
Marian Fedak
Justin and Leslie Fink
Michael Fitzgerald
James & Gertrude Foster
Dorothy Frisch
Victor Fritz
Linda & Tom Funk

William and Sharon Gatzy
Joe & Cathy Gavin
Diana Golden
Andrea and Bill Gregg
Jim Hamel
Hayhurst Family
Michael F. Herrle
Glenn & Judie Huetter
Fran Hyde
Betty Imbrogno
Marie Jackson
Cindy Johnson
Don Jordan
Maureen & John Joyce
Ann Kaduck
J.M. Karcher
Kathy and Jim Kraus
Joan and Leonard Kvorjak
Nancy Latimer
Thomas and Christine Laurent
Lisa Lawler
Robert Lee
Mary Lepiane
Susan Lepley
Robert and Rhonda Luczak
Mark and Kathleen Lynch
Chet & Kathy Maciejewski
Beverly & Jack Madeja
Joe & Sharon McCartney
Keith & Chris Miller
Ron and Elaine Miller in honor of our family and friends
Moder Family
Marty and Hank Murawski
Nancy Musser
Debra Mutschler
Donald & Jonell Onodi
Jerry Pantone
Pavlick Family
Dolores H. Perston
Bill Pierce
Walter and Monica Ploskon
Jesse Posset
George & Barbara Pry
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Radacsi, Sr.
Representative Harry Readshaw
John and Anita Reck
Marjean Rockacy
Jamie Rossi

Paulette Sadowski
Helen C. Schellhaas
Robert and Eileen Schuster
Nancy Sciechowicz
Bob and Sue Sega
Juliana Shayne
Employees of the Law Office of Mark A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sokol
Heather Stark
Chuck Steele
Theresa and Karen Sterzinger
David Stiffey
Frank and Rose Ann Stroncek
Nancy Taylor
Ann and Ronald Trageser
Tripson Family
Leona Waldo
Jeanne Webb
Al Weil
Karen Widmaier
Rosemary and Bill Willis
Mark and Jenny Worley

Community Organizations
Churchview Farms
Michael Brothers Hauling, Inc.
Thomas J. Gmiter Funeral Home
BBW Chamber of Commerce
Holy Apostles Parish Christian Mothers Account
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
New Wine Harvest Church
Women's Club of Baldwin

Memorials and Honorariums
In memory of Mary Lou Cross
In honor of Madelyn Lauso
In honor of London Legge
In memory of Barbara Lengyel
In memory of Bethany R. Granata
In honor of my 3 grandsons
In memory of Leonard "Len" Oberle
In Honor of Margaret Luchini
In Memory of Candace D. Penkrot
In memory of Ron Reid
In honor of Margaret R. "Peg" Conrad
In memory of Jacob A. Seidel
In honor of Vivien Skalos
In memory of Red Buchanen
In honor of Nathan & Ryan & Drury
In Memory of Edward Uranker
In honor of Sally White


2016 Library Supporters
2015 Library Supporters


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