You are the essential piece to our success.  Help secure the library’s future for your parents, children and grandchildren with a gift. Your donation is critical and will help ease the strain on the Library’s already tight budget. Help keep us strong and donate today.
Your support makes a real difference. Your gift will directly impact the children who depend upon the library for early education and reading skills. Your gift will enrich the lives of the thousands of your friends and neighbors who enter our doors everyday to use our free computers, learn a new hobby, attend wellness programs or to find engaging materials to read.
Their future is in your hands. Will you help?
The library is a gift to everyone. Together, we are building a stronger community.

Capital Campaign for the New Baldwin Library
Donor Roster

Thank you to those that have donated toward the Renovation Project outside of a normal annual donation.

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2018 Library Supporters

We 'd like to thank the following community members for their donation.
Your dedication to making our community a stronger and more enriching place through your support of the library is amazing!
A special thank you to the Regional Asset District for their generous funding every year, to not only our Library, but to all  county libraries.
And to the Baldwin Borough Councifor their continued financial support of our mission and role in the community. We could not provide quality service and programs without your help.
Anonymous (45 Donors)
William Apel
Jean Beyer
The Bordones
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus T. Boron Jr.
Bill and Linda Burns
Janis Carey
Cindrich Family
John Conley
Elanor Coe
Mary Ann Critchlow
Edward G. Csider
Dylan & Austin Darkowski
Mary Ann Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Del Re
Mary and John DeGeorge
Dolores Depretis
Charlene F. Devlin
James and Linda Doring
Matthew J. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ehland
Kevin & Renee Fischer
Robert Foreman
James & Gertrude Foster
Victor Fritz
Linda & Tom Funk
Joe & Cathy Gavin
Andrea and Bill Gregg
Michael F. Herrle
Betty Imbrogno
Maureen & John Joyce
Eric Kaduck
Susanne Klug
Barbara Kohle
Joan and Leonard Kvorjak
Madelyn Nicole Lauso
Robert J Lee
Mary Lepiane
Robert and Rhonda Luczak
Marilyn McKinley
Bill and Carol Meeder
Jerry and Roberta Milius
Jean Miller
Ron and Elaine Miller
Marty and Hank Murawski
Debra Mutschler
Frank O’Leary
Donald & Jonell Onodi
Christina Pekney
Dolores H. Perston
Bill Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Radacsi, Sr.
Representative Harry Readshaw
Juliana Shayne
Russ Scheller
Nancy Taylor
Bonnie and Thomas Tischler
Ted and Nadia Uher
Kelly Widmaier 
Barone Murtha Shonberg & Associates
GBU Finanical Life
New Wine Harvest Church
Old Dad Shook Contracting
Community Organizations
Kiwanis Club of Baldwin
Women’s Club of Baldwin
Memorials and Honorariums
In honor of Margaret Luchini
In honor of Sally White
In memory of Anthony Michael
In memory of Barbara Shawhan

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