1,000 Books Before Kindergarten


A program designed to encourage reading development. Studies show that children who are read to have improved language skills, vocabulary, and motivation to keep reading as they grow up!





It’s simple! Register your child at the Baldwin Library and get your starter packet. Then all you need to do is read 1 book a night to your child.

Here is the Yearly Breakdown:

  • 365 Books in 1 Year

  • 730 Books in 2 Years

  • 1,095 Books in 3 Years

  • Congratulations! You did it!


Once you get started, your child will receive a rocket ship with their name on it. There are 9 Planets that your rocket ship will stop at. Each planet represents 100 books. Once you have read 1,000 books your child’s rocket ship enters the Black Hole of Endless Reading!


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