Breaking Bread – Bridging the Gap

Twice a year the Baldwin Library adult book club joins students at the Baldwin High School to discuss a book that was chosen and read by both groups. We also enjoy lunch together. This past month we read “The Beginning of Everything” by Robyn Schneider. It pertains to high school students, their cliques, families, parties and behaviors in group situations.

This time we had 10 adults and 17 students (the largest group of kids since we started this event a decade ago!) and, as always, I was very impressed by the insights and participation of these students, beginning with how well read they are. Also, since this book deals with issues that all or most of the group of students are experiencing, it was very insightful to hear their opinions.

On underage parties:

Yes, parties do go on, but maybe not as frequently as they are portrayed in the book.

On High School cliques:

The students who I talked with felt that there is much more overlap in groups – that you could be popular and on the debate team, for example or an athlete who also writes for the school newspaper.

On parenting styles:

One of the parents portrayed in the book is on the overprotective side and most of the kids felt that they wouldn’t want to have their parents hovering around them that intensively; however, one student commented that she would have liked to have her parent be somewhat overprotective of her, during a recent physical setback.

We are always warmly welcomed by English teacher, Keith Harrison and librarian Brigetta Hannah and we look forward to meeting with a new group of students at the beginning of the next school year.  We invite the public to join us one any ‘field trip’ to the High School.  You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by these young ladies and gentlemen.

Nancy Musser – Adult Services Coordinator

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