How I Spent (Part of) My Summer Vacation

It inevitably happens…kids can’t wait to get out of school and enjoy the sunny days of summer.  A few weeks in, the luster has worn off and they may start complaining about feeling a little bored.  Our library has solved that problem for 20 teens this summer with our teen volunteer program.  Teens ranging in age from 12-17 and entering grades 6-12 in the fall have spent a lot of time here this summer.  Most of them volunteer at least once a week, so if you frequent our library you may see them manning our summer reading table, logging in minutes or hours for young readers, giving prizes and tickets and giving high-fives to children who beam with pride at their summer reading accomplishments.  But what you might not see is the variety of other tasks and skills that the teens perform and learn: cutting, pasting, making samples, helping set up tables for programs, assisting in programs, learning how to search our library catalog to access books or other materials, learning how to shelve books, learning what to do with books once they’re no longer new, and so much more. But the most valuable tool that they’ve been learning is how to talk to the public. Someday, when they’re working on that resume, they can proudly say that they have served their community and we hope, in the process, have learned valuable life-long skills beyond our library walls. If your child is interested in volunteering at our library this fall, please email Miss Dolores at

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