Pat Sherwood

Picture2“At home I use Zinio, absolutely and I also look into the email from the library to see if my books are in. Zino’s real important to me because I’m a printed word junkie. And I think with Zinio, the fact that I particularly like magazines, it gives me a chance to look at 300 choices (magazines).

I have the opportunity to read it when I want to read it, delete when I want to and save when I want to read it. Say I want to read it again in the future? It’ll be there for me.

I enjoy it, but since I am a little bit older, I didn’t grow up with it. There’s some doubts that I have, but I consider the technology part of the library my best friend when it comes to problems with my equipment.

I would tell others I don’t think they realize the resources the library has. I didn’t know the resources either. I found out almost by accident or necessity… And the fact that it’s free, it’s an opportunity for everybody. All you need is a library card. And I find the people very patient with me because even though I mark it down, I still have a chance to forget.

Sometimes it takes a phone call, sometimes it takes just an email. Sometimes it takes a visit in the library and bring your equipment with you.”


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