Library Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


   Paul Hayhurst, President

    Kelly Mossbauer, Vice President

placeholder    Mike Fitzgerald, Secretary

 Paul Montini,  Treasurer

placeholder    Kevin Moder, Trustee

    Khara Timsina, Trustee

placeholder    VACANT, Trustee



The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides for public libraries to be governed by a Board of Trustees. Members of the Baldwin Board of Trustees are volunteers who donate their time and service to the library and it’s role in the community. The board as a whole represents a broad range of community interests, occupations and expertise. Members represent public interest in libraries and assist with policy development, financial management, local partnerships and advocacy efforts. The Board sets policy, fiscal goals and strategic direction in support of the Library’s mission and vision.

Baldwin Borough Public Library’s Board of Trustees is composed of seven citizens of the community, appointed by Baldwin Borough Council. They serve 3-year terms and may be reappointed. The Board meets monthly at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Library and all meetings are open to the public.  If you have any specific questions, comments or concerns and would like to speak to a Board member, you can email the board or write to:

President of the Board
5230 Wolfe Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

2021 Meetings:

January Meeting Agenda & Minutes
February Meeting Agenda & Minutes
March 18, 2021 (Minutes pending approval)




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